Our Vision

At GCNaz Sports we are dedicated to building self esteem, developing character, creating friendships all while learning the physical and mental fundamentals of the game. We offer exciting leagues giving equal playing time for all players while having fun and learning the different aspects of the game. We do this by teaching BOTH the sport and life lessons. Each week during practice we will have a brief devotion that offers some insight into challenges that we face in our world and how to overcome them!

Upcoming Leagues

GCNaz sports will be offering leagues for youth soccer, football and disc golf. Each of these leagues will strive to create a fun and empowering experience for your student to learn a sport they love! 

Spring 2021

Glow On The Hill

Our glow disc golf league is starting again on March 23! 

What We Offer:
  • Top-notch glow disc golf experience
  • Lights marking every fairway and encircling the island green on hole 3
  • Basket lights on every basket
  • UV flashlights to charge your disc
  • Glow tape available for purchase on site
  • A fun nighttime 18-hole experience!



Field Progress


(Nov. 2020) The fields have been top dressed and guardian stones have been placed.


(August 2020) The field is looking great! One more topdressing and we will be ready for ball!

(Feb. 2020) The grass is growing! Field should be ready by Summer 2020

(Fall 2019) The fields have received their final prep and have been seeded with Hydro-mulch. Our water well and irrigation are watering daily. The next part is waiting for the grass to grow and strengthen. We are on track to begin field sports spring of 2020. You can see the progress in the pictures above.

Disc Golf Course

The 9 hole course around the backside of the GCNaz Campus was completed in the spring of 2019. Since then multiple improvement projects have made the course a better playing experience. The most recent project is the building of new turf based tee pads. You can come and play the course now and we expect to have youth leagues up and running by fall of 2020.