Interactive Prayer Wall

Welcome to the GCNaz prayer wall. You are welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the church staff only, or pray for other prayers on this page. At GCNaz we are all family, nobody prays alone. Please share your prayers and prayer requests here with us. The submission form is found below.


Received prayer request from my daughter, Sheree, in California for a fellow named Eddie Duque who has been diagnosed with covid. Please pray for spiritual and physical condition.


Update on Garland Barnhart. He is in the process of 5 radiation treatments for his cancer. He goes back January 19 to see the results of the radiation. They have changed medication for his heart and he is doing much better. He appreciate all the prayers that have gone up for him. Please continue to pray.


Saturday — Pray for those who have yet to come to faith in Jesus Christ.


Friday - Pray for unity among God’s people and for healing across the nations.


Milton, Theresa <> 9:05 AM (4 hours ago) to Georgetown I have some updates and additional prayer requests. I apologize for the length of it. Update Beverly: Beverly's mother is doing better and was moved to rehab. She is still in rehab but gaining strength. Her dad, who got over covid and then stayed with Beverly for couple of weeks, has returned home with Visiting Angels coming in once a day to check and help him. Praise God for all of this. New Prayer Request for Beverly and her family: *She had skin lesion removed--turned out to be Basel Cancer growth. Going in to an outpatient surgery to make sure they removed enough tissue to get it all. *Her daughter Elizabeth and husband's baby is due April 1st. They just found out the baby has a lung mass growing. They will start Elizabeth on steroids to see if that shrinks the baby's mass. If not they will have to take the baby early and then do surgery to remove the mass. *Her husband, Dennis, has two clots in both arteries which is making his feet lose circulation. They thought they could fix with simple office procedure, but it did not work. He has to go in on Jan. 26th to have another procedure done to break them up. It that one doesn't work he will have to have major surgery to fix it. *Yesterday, Beverly 's husband had to pick her up from work when she suddenly became sick. I have heard they are thinking it is a severe stomach bug. Update on Stephanie and her mom: Her mother got moved into their house and is slowly gaining some strength back slowly beginning to be able to get around the house on her own. Praise God. They have decided to wait with Hospice for a while.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."     -Philippians 4:6-7