Kingdom Culture Series

Below you will find our weekly videos for the Kingdom Culture Series. Each video walks your group through a section of scripture and a small homily ending with a few questions to guide or kickstart conversations in your group. If you would like to watch or download the videos in their full resolution follow this link to our youtube channel.

Looking for a group?

GCNaz has several small groups, or Connect Groups as we like to call them, that you may want to participate in. If you are looking to get plugged in to a Connect Group, click the link below to see when they meet and where they are located.

Our Study Guide

We are utilizing the amazing small group study by Nazarene Pastor Tara Beth Leach. Tara is the lead pastor at Pasadena Church of the Nazarene in California. She has authored multiple books and is a well respected pastoral theologian and preacher. You can get a copy of the study through our welcome table, asking your group leader, or by calling the church office at 512-869-0303. The suggested donation for the book is $10.