Discipleship is a journey of grace with Jesus as our guide and companion. 

Christian discipleship helps believers grow in the Lord Jesus Christ as they are equipped by His Holy Spirit, who resides within them, to overcome the pressures and trials of this present life and become more and more Christlike. 



John 14:6

"I am the way and the truth and the life"


We are drawn by holy love through prevenient grace. We are captured by holy love through saving grace. We are purified and set apart by holy love through sanctifying grace. We grow in grace as we abound in holy love. This is how we experience the fullness of life in Christ.

  • God PREPARES the path before us. His hand reaches out and beckons us to Him, drawing us into a deeper relationship with Him. This grace both precedes our response and enables our response. 

  • Jesus RESCUES us from sin and leads us into the truth that sets us free. We receive the gift of saving grace by believing in God. He redeems us, makes us a new creation, and adopts us into His family. 

  • The Holy Spirit EMPOWERS us to live a life fully consecrated to God. Sanctifying grace begins the moment we experience salvation. Initial sanctification is followed by spiritual growth in grace until, in a moment of full consecration and complete surrender on our part, God purifies and cleanses the heart. 

Here at Georgetown Nazarene

Our Journey Of Grace

In John 14:6, Jesus made the audacious claim that he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He was describing how we can experience life as God intended. Christ was making it clear that discipleship happens within a relationship. As Dr. Busic explained, the “Way, Truth, and Life are not philosophical abstractions or life principles. Way, Truth, and Life are a Person.” 

We have developed a way to communicate the process of discipleship as a Journey of Grace. Dr. David Busic, one of our General Superintendents, has written a book titled Way, Truth, Life - Discipleship as a Journey of Grace in order to equip our people to join Jesus on this journey. 

Our church will read, contemplate, and engage in conversations with one another on the contents of Dr. Busic’s book. Our journey begins on Sunday September 5th and will end on October 23rd. We have many ways for you to become involved. One of the primary ways is to join one of our Connect Groups that meets weekly. These groups are designed for fellowship and sharing and provide you with a chance to “chew” on what you have read in the book and heard from our pastor. We highly encourage every member of the GCNAZ family to join one of our Connect groups for this series. 

We are also hosting a Bible study on Wednesday nights for both men and women. This study will not use the connect group curriculum. It will be a true Bible study that will take a deeper dive into the theological and biblical concepts taught in the book. You can register for the Journey of Grace Bible Study here.

And finally, we know that we need God’s help as we travel down the Journey of Grace so we have set up a Prayer and Fasting group that will fast one meal a week for seven weeks. Help us pray and fast for our church as we travel down this path of discipleship. Use this online form to sign-up to participate in the prayer and fasting for the Journey of Grace. 

Connect Groups

Join a connect group and begin the journey through discussion and fellowship.


Bible Study

Join the Wednesday Night Bible Study and continue the journey through in-depth teaching.


Pray & Fast

Support our journey by going the extra mile through prayer and fasting.