Bethlehem Village

Bethlehem Village is a yearly enactment of the birth of Christ that is presented in downtown Georgetown during the annual "Christmas Stroll." Bethlehem Village is more than a nativity; its window into first century Bethlehem life right at the moment of Jesus' birth. The hustle and bustle of Bethlehem is brought to life as you encounter, and participate in, a busy market full of tents dedicated to grain milling, wood working, coin pressing, cloth dying, bread making, toy making, and much more. It's fun and educational for all ages.

A free interactive adventure for all ages

to experience the most important birth of all time

What To Expect

Imagine a little village that existed long before colored lights, reindeers and Santa Claus. Roman Soldiers walk the streets and shopkeepers are going about their everyday lives, yet this village is on the brink of something immense, the birth of one who would forever change the course of human history. Experience this village, as it really was. Come to Bethlehem and see for yourself the magic and wonder of the first Christmas. As you step back in time and enter the gates of Bethlehem of Judea. The Roman emperor has issued an order that a census be taken throughout the Empire and every citizen must register. On a cold winter's night, you are traveling the streets illuminated by torchlight, wandering deeper into the heart of the village where cautious Roman soldiers patrol the crowd, shepherds and livestock are among the many passerby. Shops and shopkeepers inhabit a bustling marketplace, and welcoming cheers abound. Now, far away from the tinseled trees and crowded malls that most commonly usher in the Christmas holiday season, this is an event no one should miss.


Use the button below to volunteer for this years Bethlehem Village. This living nativity attracts over 15 thousand people a year and takes over 350 volunteers to pull off. This is a great way to serve your community and it can be done with your entire family. Don't hesitate. Sign up today and become part of this amazing community event.

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Donating to Bethlehem Village

Bethlehem Village is a huge community ministry that runs off of the support of businesses and community members from all across Georgetown and the surrounding area. If you would like to donate to Bethlehem Village simply click the button below and select "Bethlehem Village" in the dropdown. 

Our Sponsors

We couldn't bring Bethlehem to Georgetown each and every year without the help from our amazing sponsors and partners. If you would like to be a sponsor please let us know by email at

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