Come Peasant King

An Advent Journey

  • Daily Devotions

    Every weekday during lent the GCNaz staff will lead us in a short live devotional each morning at 10 am via our social media and webpage.

  • Connect Groups

    The daily devotional has thought and faith provoking questions. We are encouraging our connect groups to use these as a resource for reflection and group discussions. If you aren't in a connect group we have several to choose from. Each group meets at a different time and in a different way. There is a good fit for everyone!

  • Weekly Sermons

    The worship services are being designed to follow the advent themes found in the devotional. This will provide everyone an opportunity to follow along and deepen their worship of our God who has come to be with us as.


What is Advent?

Advent is an intentional season marked by reflections on hope, peace, joy, and love as we remember and anticipate the coming of Christ, but Advent is not marked only by reflection and waiting. During this uniquely Christian season, disciples of Jesus are also called to act in specific ways that, however small, God wants to use for kingdom purposes. In Come Peasant, King we are reminded that, as we prepare our hearts and lives for the coming of Christ, we also engage in a willingness to fully surrender to the call of God on our lives, wherever that may lead us.

Join us this year as we take the yearly challenge to prepare our hearts for the true meaning of Christmas! Use the links below to jump to one of the offered resources during Advent 2021.

Connect Groups

Join a connect group and take devotions deeper through discussion and fellowship.


Daily Devotional

Join the daily devotional as it ubnfolds live at 10 am every Weekday. Or watch it later. 


Sermon Series

Join us live in person or online for our weekend celebration service and sermon series.